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At Rocky Mountain Health Plans, health equity and access is both a priority and a passion. We roll up our sleeves to invest our time and resources where it matters. From substance use to senior care, watch the stories of the real impact we’re making right here in Colorado.

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See how we've built relationships that have real impact, right here.

We maintain strong associations with nearby physicians, non-profit organizations, county and state officials, as well as community collaborators. Together, we address urgent challenges and discover solutions.

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The RMHP Blog offers important tips on health insurance, fun community events, and general health and wellness hacks in your daily life. 


At Rocky Mountain Health Plans, a UnitedHealthcare company, we’re committed to bettering the health outcomes and livelihoods of all Coloradans.

Health equity is both a passion and a priority, and we work daily to close the gaps of disparity that exist for so many underserved populations across the state. We do this by forging partnerships with county and state leaders, by working with providers and organizations in our local communities, and by elevating our members’ voices to identify and deliver the resources they need and deserve. Every action we take is in support of our partners, colleagues, and neighbors.

Together, we strive to make a real impact, right here in Colorado.

Health Equity

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Rocky Mountain Health Plans and UnitedHealthcare are dedicated to helping the people of Colorado live healthier lives, and making the health system work better for everyone. Learn more by visiting Community & State.