2022 communityfunding highlights

Our commitment to Colorado communities Rocky Mountain health Plans (RMHP) is committed to bettering the health outcomes and livelihoods of our local Colorado communities. We uphold this commitment by investing millions of dollars through one-time and recurring contributions.

Recurring investments forcontinued community care

In addition to our 2022 one-time community funding initiatives, we make annual investments: 

$ 0

to support primary care medical providers (PCMPs) to sustain integrated behavioral health and SDoH programs, such as dieticians, clinical pharmacists, and doulas. 

$ 0

in community-based care coordination teams.

$ 0

in community-based organizations, including health information exchange, housing and food programs, and programs to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

One investment.
 Countless impacts.

Between November 2021 and October 2022, RMHP invested over $10M of Regional Accountable Entity (RAE) funds in the Health Neighborhood.

This one-time funding supports community-based projects and programs that improve the health and life outcomes of Medicaid Members and/or promote the health of local communities and populations. 

Funding was used to address social determinants of health (SDoH), increase organizational capacity, and support Members with the public health emergency sunset. 

Mission &  values

Rocky Mountain Health Plans aspires to be “a backbone in the background” of the communities we serve. We work hard to make a positive difference, however, challenging circumstances can be. At the height of the COVID pandemic, RMHP was honored to support a test and vaccination pop-up site in partnership with MarillacHealth (a Federally Qualified Health Center) in Clifton, Colorado. With hard work, Marillac and community volunteers created a drive-through service at a local high school to deliver over 10,000 COVID vaccinations to people who might not otherwise have been able to access care.

In addition to financial assistance, Rocky employees volunteered their time and talent – supporting door-to-door outreach for appointment registrations and mixing vials of vaccines. We exist to support our partners, colleagues, and neighbors in everything we do.

Proud to partner  for better health

We supported over 70 Region 1 Community Investment Partners in 2022

Our 2022 Region 1 community
investment recipients

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