Administrative Service Organization (ASO)

Crisis Services

  • Mobile Crisis Response
    • Mobile Crisis Services include face-to-face behavioral health screening and assessment, triage, crisis stabilization/intervention, support, resource linkage, case management, disposition, and either face-to-face or telephonic follow-up post-discharge. Services are provided within one hour in urban areas and within two hours in rural and frontier areas.
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)
    • Crisis Stabilization Services include crisis intervention/stabilization, case management, resource and referral, and disposition for admitted individuals. Services are provided for up to five (5) calendar days. Region 1 CSUs are in Montrose and Fort Collins, CO.
  • Walk-in Center (WIC)
    • Crisis Walk-In Services include screening, assessment, triage, crisis intervention/stabilization, support, resource linkage, and disposition for Individuals in a behavioral health crisis. Contact is initiated to individuals within fifteen minutes of arrival. Region 1 WIC is in Montrose, CO.
  • Respite
    • Crisis Respite Services include crisis intervention and stabilization, case management, resource and referral, and disposition for Individuals or families in a behavioral health crisis. Services are provided to Individuals for up to 14 consecutive calendar days in facility-based respite locations. Region 1 respite is in Durango, CO.

Colorado Crisis Services Hotline: 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 38255.

COACT: High-Fidelity Wraparound

An evidenced-based process that supports children and youth with high-acute behavioral health needs that could impact the youth’s ability to remain within their community.


Crisis Resolution Team (CRT)

A Crisis Resolution Team supports families with youth and young adults who are experiencing behavioral health challenges and would benefit from intensive, short-term (6-8 weeks), in-home services and linkage to ongoing supports.


Children and Youth Mental Health Treatment Act (CYMHTA)

The Children and Youth Mental Health Treatment Act (CYMHTA) allows for families to access mental health treatment services for their child or youth. CYMHTA is an alternative to child welfare involvement when a dependency and neglect action isn’t warranted.


Independent Assessments for QRTP

Family First created a new facility license type called a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP). Family First requires the use of an Independent Assessment to determine the level of care a young person may need.