Benefits of Rock Climbing for Children

Why Rock Climbing is Such an Awesome Activity For Kids

Are you searching for a new type of physical activity that will help your kids get stronger and gain confidence? If so, indoor rock climbing could be the perfect fit. 

Rock climbing is an amazing activity for children, and it’s easy to get started here in Grand Junction. Today, we’re going to explore some of the biggest benefits rock climbing can offer your kids, plus the best local spot for indoor rock climbing in Grand Junction. 

1. Rock climbing builds confidence

No matter if you’re a kid or an adult, nothing boosts confidence and self-esteem quite like successfully climbing up a 50 foot wall. This is especially true if your child is afraid of heights, and battling these fears will provide the skills they need to overcome mental and physical struggles throughout life. 

If you’re concerned about safety, try not to worry too much. When your child is climbing on a properly rigged toprope they’re never at risk of falling more than a short distance. 

2. Rock climbing improves hand, foot, and eye coordination

Climbing is a full-body activity that incorporates every major muscle group and appendage. It also requires careful coordination — your child will need to look at the route and then determine how to get their hands and feet onto the correct holds. 

3. Rock climbing increases strength, endurance, and flexibility

Because climbing is a full-body activity, it’s a great way to enhance overall physical fitness. Your child will exercise their core, legs, arms, and even the tiny muscles in their hands. Endurance is also a big part of climbing, especially as kids progress to longer and more technically difficult routes. 

4. Rock climbing enhances problem solving skills

Climbing is as much of a mental game as it is a physical feat. 

When your child climbs their first rock wall, they may be overwhelmed by all of the ways they can make it to the top. As they climb more they’ll learn how to mentally map out the most efficient ways to navigate the holds. These problem solving and planning skills can easily transfer to everyday life. 

5. Rock climbing is downright fun

Show your child how much fun physical activity can be by taking them to the climbing gym! It might be scary and intimidating at first, but with enough patience and practice they’ll be scaling walls while smiling in no time.

Kids’ rock climbing clubs in Grand Junction

If you live in or near Grand Junction, Grand Valley Climbing is the go-to spot for indoor climbing. They offer competitive and non-competitive youth programs throughout the year, where your child can bond with other young climbers. During the summer and school vacations you can also enroll your child in skill-building camps that teach kids ages 7-13 the basics of rock climbing. 

The gym also encourages families to climb on their own terms, but note that children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult chaperone at all times.