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It’s that time of year again in Colorado: the weather is gorgeous and everyone heads outdoors to enjoy it.

Why not bring your workout outdoors? Bask in the sun while getting in shape!

Below are 10 exercises you can do outside. No equipment needed, but I would recommend bringing a towel or yoga mat to sit on.

For a 30-minute workout, do each exercise for one minute and repeat the circuit three times. If you are starting your exercise routine – good for you! – do each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat as many times as you can. Work up to three circuits, then up to the 30 minute routine.


Jumping jacks

This basic exercise gets your heart going!


High knees

You can do these with high or low intensity, as demonstrated in the video.


Push Ups

To make it easier, keep your feet wider or put your knees on the ground. Do as many as you can!


Abdominal crunches

There are all sorts of crunches. Pick your favorite. This shows you a basic crunch.



A great way to work your legs, and you can do this anywhere. For higher intensity, add a jump after the squat when you come up.



Another great one for the legs! Add a jump on the lunges for more intensity. I like to walk my lunges (demonstrated in the video) around my yard or the trail at the park.


Triceps dips

This one is basic but you will feel it in your arms. Do as many as you can in the minute.


Side planks

Side planks are great for the abs and arms. Simply hold them for 30 seconds on each side or dip your hips up and down for added intensity. Choose what is best for you.


Push ups and rotate

This puts two of our exercises together. Do a push up into a side plank.



This full-body exercise will get your heart going, especially the advanced level demonstrated in the video.

It’s a gorgeous time of year, and your body and brain will benefit from getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and the exercise opportunities.

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