The new access|RMHP Provider Portal is here

The new access|RMHP Provider Portal is here

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) has created a more intuitive provider portal designed with simple navigation, streamlined information, and secure data transmission.

Simple. Streamlined. Secure.

In mid September, RMHP will begin sending personalized emails to users about the registration process for the new access|RMHP. In an effort to better protect secure information, each portal user will need to set up new login credentials. The first phase of registration will begin with the Main Office Contact account. The Main Office Contact account is typically assigned to the person responsible for supervision of office personnel, management of the business office, and/or oversight of all administrative, security, and payer related functions within the facility or practice. For the new access|RMHP, the Main Office Contact will be responsible for initiating every user’s access. After account registration is complete for your office, you will have access to the new portal.

Users must register before October 31

The current provider portal will close on October 31, 2020 and all access will be terminated. You must complete the new registration process for access|RMHP for your account before October 31. We understand that your days may be busy, so we are getting the process started early and will send you reminders to complete the registration.

  • Go to current access|RMHP Provider Portal

    If you are a current user and have not completed your registration for the new portal yet, you may continue to access the current portal.

    Don’t forget to register for the new portal by October 31 or your access will be terminated.

    Continue to current access|RMHP
  • Get started with the new access|RMHP

    You can only access the new portal if you have completed the registration and set up new credentials.

    The registration process will be initiated by your office’s Main Office Contact. Please look for emails about registering for the new portal.

    If you have completed your registration, thank you and we hope you enjoy the new experience.

    Enjoy the new access|RMHP