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Life in Motion

How To Live A Life In Motion

Easy steps to take charge of your health

What it takes to improve your health, simply.


In today’s world, we’re always on the go – so take advantage and make mindful choices that better your health! Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the escalator or making time to stretch throughout the day, there are many ways to make small movements toward a healthier you.

Many of us have fallen off the fitness wagon before. Life gets in the way, an injury sidelines you, or you simply don’t feel like working out; it happens.

If you’re ready to get back in shape and start working out again, then these tips are for you and can be helpful in staying successful on your workout regimen.

Don’t beat yourself up

When you stop working out for weeks, months, or maybe even years, the guilt and shame can sometimes get the best of you. Don’t allow those feelings to stop you from crushing your fitness goals. This is referred to as a spiral of shame at times and you don’t need to let yourself feel that way.

It’s okay that you didn’t work out for a while.

It’s okay that fitness took a backseat to other priorities.

It’s not okay to let that negative self-talk sabotage your future fitness goals.

Try to remember how meeting your first fitness goal felt, or how you felt after a particularly hard workout. Pushing yourself feels great so use those memories to fuel your new workout goals.

Accept that you may have “lost” some fitness ability

Yes, it’s true — you may not be as strong or as fit as you were when you were working out regularly. Nevertheless, you might also be surprised to learn that you aren’t as out-of-shape as you initially feared.

That doesn’t mean you should jump right back into your pre-break routine, however. Take your time and listen to your body, especially if you’re returning after an injury.

Find a workout you enjoy doing

If you love running or cycling or you already know which types of exercise will keep you returning to fitness again then start with those and sprinkle in other exercises over time. If you’ve never found a type of exercise that you enjoy and look forward to, now is a great time to figure out what you love.

Part of being successful at working out is building that part of your routine. It is often noted that it takes 21 days to build a habit so try incorporating small snippets of workouts regularly into your routine so you build exercise as a habit.

Here are some new exercises and fitness ideas you can test out, though this short list is hardly exhaustive. If you’re stumped, see what types of fitness classes are available in your area. Even if something sounds off-the-wall, consider giving it a go. You could end up loving that aerial yoga class or climbing gym membership.

Recognize that you will have fitness breaks again

Once you get back into a fitness routine, you might forget that you ever stopped running up mountains, lifting weights, or doing yoga. It’s a great feeling, but don’t let fitness become an all-or-nothing part of who you are.

Living a healthy life is all about balance. That includes accepting that, sometimes, life gets in the way of our workouts. If you remember this, getting back into fitness after a break won’t feel quite so daunting.