Exercise Terms 101

Exercise Terms 101

Become A Pro At The Gym

Sorting through the gym terms

Are you just starting a new workout or fitness program but are confused by some of the terms you hear or read about? We get it! So, we’re here to help explain some of the common – and not-so-common – terms you might come across.


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Beat Gymtimidation to Feel Comfortable at the Gym

How to Overcome Fear and Feel Confident While Working Out

When you join a gym, the "gymtimidation" can be downright overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! These tips will help you overcome your fear of the gym, so you can focus on your fitness goals. Do your research and have a plan.

Much of the fear and insecurity we feel approaching the gym stems from uncertainty about how to do and what to expect from our workout. Maybe we’re not even sure what kind of exercise we should be doing. With some planning, you can overcome that “fish out of water” feeling.

If you want to try weightlifting, find an online resource with clear instructions like Print each day’s recommended workout and bring it to the gym. If you’d like to try a new fitness class, watch YouTube videos so you’ll know what to expect. Learn how to use gym equipment, like stability balls ;by doing a little online research before you go.

You will be more confident if you have a plan.

Hire a personal trainer or take a class

If going solo to the gym sounds too scary, you may want to hire a personal trainer or sign up for a fitness class.

Having an expert who tells you what to do and how to do it can be extremely motivating, and it takes the guesswork out of planning your workout.

Remember that everyone started somewhere

Everyone started as a beginner, even the people you see lifting inconceivably heavy weights or running for miles and miles. They weren’t born with those abilities. They’ve dedicated time and energy building those skills, strengths and endurance.

If you want to join their ranks someday, develop a similar mindset. You can even ask one of the friendly-looking regulars for tips and advice. More often than not, they’ll be happy to help and share what’s worked for them.

Fight the urge to compare yourself to other people

It’s tempting, but don’t compare your fitness abilities to anyone else in the gym. You’re making fitness a priority for you, not for the guy two treadmills over.

Choose the right gym for you

There are specialty gyms for activities like CrossFit, martial arts, and other fitness activities. Some gyms cater to women. Some are geared toward bodybuilders and powerlifters.

There’s a health club or gym for everyone, and that includes you. Visit a few to find one that feels right before you commit to a membership.