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Find a Doctor

Do you have a doctor you can see when you get sick? What about for your yearly check-ups? When you need care, it’s important to have a doctor you know and trust.

Primary Care Providers

Your primary care provider, or PCP, is called your medical home, where you will get most of your healthcare. When you need care from a specialist doctor, your PCP will help you find the right provider to treat you.  If you have not seen a doctor in the past year, you should make an appointment now.


Finding a Doctor

If you are eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program), you must receive services from providers who are enrolled in Health First Colorado. This includes Members enrolled in RMHP Prime and Members of the RMHP regional organization. If you already have a doctor or medical provider, check to see that the clinic or doctor is included in our provider directory. If you do not have a doctor, or if your current doctor is not included in our directory, use our online provider directory to choose a medical provider for you or for your children. You should always call the doctor’s office first to make sure he or she is accepting new patients. Here's a tip: When using the online provider directory, be sure to select either RMHP regional organization Network or RMHP Prime Network (if you're enrolled in RMHP Prime) under Your Plan. If you need help finding a doctor, call RMHP. If you would like RMHP Customer Service to send you a copy of any of the Provider Directories, just ask. A copy will be mailed to you within 5 business days at no cost.

Find a doctor

RMHP CHP+ Provider Directory - English

RMHP CHP+ Provider Directory - Español

RMHP Prime Provider Directory - English

RMHP Prime Provider Directory - Español

RMHP Regional Organization Provider Directory - English

RMHP Regional Organization Provider Directory - Español


Getting Care from Other Providers

If you move to an area outside of the RMHP regional organization counties, you can visit Health First Colorado’s website to find a new primary care provider. They also have information about regional organizations in other parts of Colorado.

Visit Health First Colorado

If you’re looking for care from other medical providers:

  • Ask your primary care provider. They can help connect you to specialists, other medical providers, and community resources. 
  • Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) has resources to help you find medical providers who are participating in their program. 
  • Call RMHP Customer Service. We can answer your questions, or we may refer you to our care management team or a local community care team to help you find the right doctors to address your healthcare needs.

Looking for a Dentist?

Good dental hygiene is important to your overall health! Dental health can impact the rest of your body. You should be sure to take advantage of preventive services, like scheduling an exam and cleaning every six months.  You should take part in healthy behaviors at home, including brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily.

To find a participating dentist near you, visit the DentaQuest website or call 855-225-1729.

Find a dentist

Find Help for Mental Health

For help contacting your local community mental health center, please call RMHP Member Services at 800-421-6204 (TTY: 711).

If you need help getting services, you can also talk to your primary care medical provider. Many RMHP providers have staff within their office who can help, or they can refer you to participating providers in your community. Your community care team, community partners, and RMHP can also refer you to counselors and resources to help with mental and behavioral health needs.


How to Get Help

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CHP+ Members call  888-282-8801 (TTY: 711). Para asistencia en espanol llame al 888-282-8801.

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Email: rmhp_member_services@uhc.com

(You understand that any email you send to us outside of the MyUHC portal may have your protected health information in it. That email will be sent unencrypted. When an email is sent unencrypted there might be a risk that someone else could read it. The contents of the unencrypted email could be disclosed.)

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