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Introductory Level Course for Specialty Practices

Specialty Practice Foundations is an introductory level course for specialty practices. Participants learn basic QI skills at the practice level to include Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles, process mapping, and basic data use to improve/develop and implement skills, processes, care compacts with Primary Care, and infrastructure to support ongoing improvement and the delivery of effective and efficient patient care while actively engaging in the medical neighborhood.

Program Objectives

  1. Develop a functioning quality improvement team within the practice
  2. Coordinate, communicate, and work closely with Primary Care Practices to create effective and timely exchanges of care
  3. Establish processes to systematically manage medications
  4. Demonstrate ongoing monitoring of effectiveness of Quality Improvement (QI)
  5. Create a plan for sustainability and spread

Milestones and Measurements

Milestone 1: Engaging Leadership & Creating a Quality Improvement (QI) Team

Milestone 2: The Model for Improvement (MFI)

Milestone 3: Care Compacts and Referral Management

Milestone 4: Sustainability and Spread

Milestone 5: Measurement to Support Quality Improvement

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