Prior Authorization - Pharmacy

Prior Authorization - Pharmacy

RMHP covers a wide variety of medications. The RMHP Formulary Guidelines include information about RMHP drug coverage. RMHP drug coverage is determined with active participation from the RMHP physician/pharmacist committee (Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee).

About Prior Authorization for Pharmacy

RMHP Outpatient Formulary Guidelines:

  • Include the coverage level for drugs (whether prior authorization is required, copayment tier, quantity limits, etc.)
  • Encourage the use of appropriate generic drugs
  • Are updated monthly
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Certain drugs must be prior authorized by the Pharmacy Department. To request prior authorization, please complete and submit the below form. You may also contact a representative at 970-248-5031 or 800-641-8921. When all required information is received by us, you will be notified of the authorization decision within 48 hours.

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Good Health Prior Authorization drug list
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Medicaid and CHP+ Prior Authorization Drug List
Medicaid and CHP+ Drugs Requiring Step Therapy
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