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Registration for the Main Office Contact

Gain access with access|RMHP

With access|RMHP, your secure provider portal from Rocky Mountain Health Plans, you can:

  • Validate eligibility
  • Review benefits
  • Check claims
  • Verify remittances
  • Submit preauthorizations

Steps to register for access|RMHP:

If you are a non-participating provider, please do not complete this form. access|RMHP is only for participating providers.

Before your provider office can get started with access|RMHP Provider portal, Rocky Mountain Health Plans must set up the security requirements and register a Main Office Contact account to ensure we are protecting all secure information. The Main Office Contact account is typically designated for the person responsible for supervision of office personnel, management of the business office, and/or oversight of all administrative, security, and payer related functions within the facility or practice. The Main Office Contact account will create the provider office’s account access for access|RMHP.

Follow the below steps to set up the Main Office Contact account and get started with access|RMHP.

If you are not the Main Office Contact, please do not complete this form. Please contact the Main Office Contact for your office for assistance.

  1. Complete the Main Office Contact Registration form below and submit.
  2. RMHP will send you a verification email. Please look for the RMHP phone number included in this email, you will need it for your next step.
  3. Call RMHP, using the phone number from your verification email, to confirm your identity and office details. RMHP will then initiate the portal registration and security process. Note: This process may take 3-5 business days (excluding US Federal holidays).
  4. RMHP will send you a registration email to set up your One Healthcare ID and password for your access|RMHP Main Office Contact account.
  5. Login to access|RMHP with your new One Healthcare ID credentials to set up your office staff registration.

Please fill and submit the form

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Step 1 - Answer the following questions:

Step 2 - Please provide your information

Tax Identification:

Please identify all of the Tax Identification Numbers you want to have access for in access|RMHP. If you have more than 6 TINs, please e-mail to supply the additional numbers.