Provider New User Registration

Provider New User Registration

Welcome to New User Registration for the Access|RMHP Provider Portal

Welcome to New User Registration for access|RMHP! With access|RMHP you can:

  • Check eligibility
  • Check benefits
  • Check claims
  • Check remittances
  • Request Online Pre-Authorizations

This tool will walk you through the 3 simple steps to getting registered in access|RMHP.

Note - Only one person per office (the Main Office Contact) needs to complete these registration steps. The Main Office Contact can add additional users to their registration.

Overview of Registration Steps:

  1. Complete the Online User Agreement

    Read the user agreement below and complete the required fields on the form. When you're finished, click Submit.

  2. Enter User Registration Information in access|RMHP

    After you complete the User Agreement and click Submit, you will see instructions for submitting user registration information in access|RMHP and a link to the registration screens. Input the required information for all of the users in your office. When you've completed adding all users, click Finish.

  3. RMHP Confirms Your Registration

    Your account is not active until RMHP confirms your registration. This typically takes 3-5 days. When registration is confirmed, your Main Office Contact will receive an e-mail that your account is active and you can log in to access|RMHP.  If you are the first person to register for your office you will become the Main Office Contact.

Step 1: Complete User Agreement

Required Information

Provider Information

Tax Identification

Please identify all of the Tax Identification Numbers you want to have access for in access|RMHP. If you have more than 6 TINs, please e-mail to supply the additional numbers.

Online User Agreement