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Use this form to submit an Exception Request for a drug administered by a physician

This means your physician will provide the drug in the office and includes any drug considered non-self-administered or “bought and billed” by a physician. For exceptions to drug formularies (drugs obtained through a pharmacy), please visit

Physician-Administered Drug Exception Request

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Intended use must be in accordance with FDA indications or supported by approved CMS Compendia.

In order to be approved, intended use of the requested drug must be in accordance with indications approved by the FDA and supported by approved CMS Compendia. Additionally, rationale must be supplied for the use of the non-covered drug versus the covered alternative(s). It must be demonstrated with supplied medical chart notes that there is high likelihood of an efficacy, tolerability, or safety advantage with the non-covered drug versus the covered alternatives. It must be demonstrated that covered therapeutic alternative medications have been tried, or that use of these medications would likely result in a poor outcome for the patient.