About Individual & Family PPO Plans

About Individual & Family PPO Plans

What is a PPO?

A Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO, is also known as a Participating Provider Organization. This type of plan offers a network of healthcare providers to choose from, and you can choose to receive care from in-network or out-of-network healthcare providers.

Why Choose a PPO Plan?

RMHP's Individual & Family PPO health plans offer unlimited office visits and one of the largest provider networks in Colorado, as well as access to a national network of hospitals and providers. With PPO plans, you can choose the doctors you want to see, and no referrals are required to see a specialist.

About Our PPO Plans

Please note, RMHP will not offer PPO plans in 2018.
We invite you to explore our 2018 Monument Health HMO Plans.

2018 Monument Health HMO Plans

Monument Health Plans

RMHP, Primary Care Partners, and St. Mary's Medical Center have partnered to create Monument Health, a clinically integrated network, with the vision of a healthier Mesa County. Monument Health works to first achieve health for you and your family and ultimately to make a difference in our local community. Monument Health plans fully incorporate every member of the healthcare process from the provider, to the hospital, to the health insurance company.  These plans are available to Mesa County residents and offer comprehensive coverage via a three-tiered benefit structure, allowing for access to the Monument Health Network (Tier 1).  RMHP's statewide network (Tier 2), and out-of-network coverage (Tier 3).

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