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Health & Wellness Programs for Colorado Employers

Health & Wellness Programs for Colorado Employers

We’re committed to keeping our Members – your employees – and our communities healthy. We offer the following Health & Wellness programs and tools to help employees meet their health goals.


Whether your employees are looking for tips to eat better, get more active, or build healthy habits, Rally can help! This website and mobile app allows employees to choose from custom-picked missions based on the results of their health survey. Then, employees get rewarded for tracking the activities designed to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. With Rally, employees can also access the Optum® wellness coaching program that offers Members the opportunity to explore online and personal coaching while receiving support to better control their health and improve their lifestyle.

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Real Appeal®

RMHP Members can learn simple steps to help meet weight loss goals with Real Appeal, a digital weight loss program customized to what works for each individual — at no additional cost! Qualifying employees can access professional weight loss coaching from a Transformation Coach and will receive a Success Kit containing step-by-step guides, workout DVDs, healthy kitchen cooking tools, and more.

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Active&Fit® Program

With the Active&Fit program, your employees have access to health-centered perks like a discounted membership to a local fitness club, home fitness options, and wellness tools on ActiveandFit.com.

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Active&Fit Direct™

Active&Fit Direct offers employees the opportunity to choose from more than 10,000+ participating fitness centers nationwide for $25 per month, plus a $25 initial enrollment fee and applicable taxes.* Employees will also have access to ActiveandFitDirect.com. Active&Fit Direct is available to all enrolled adult Members at no cost to employers.

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Rocky Mountain Health & Wellness (Available to Large Employers)

We understand the importance of a healthy workforce, so we offer the Rocky Mountain Health & Wellness program for large employer groups. This tailored program includes personalized consultation, a tailored incentive design and reward management program, a biometric screening event, and online access to aggregate reports. 

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