Self-Care Activities in the Grand Valley | Rocky Mountain Health Blog

By 11/26/2019

At Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP), we believe that self-care should be a regular part of everyone’s lives. Here are some self-care activities you can find close to home.

Keeping Kids Active During The School Year | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 8/19/2019

You’ve successfully helped your kids stay active all summer long, but it’s a new challenge to keep them busy when school begins. 

6 Health and Wellness Apps for Active Lifestyles | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 7/25/2019

When it comes to living an active and healthy lifestyle, countless apps can help you reach your goals. Here are 6 of our favorites.

11 Easy Water Conservation Tips | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 7/18/2019

Don’t wait for the next drought to start being smarter about water usage. Instead, make these 11 simple water saving tips part of your daily life today.

Breathing Exercises for Stress | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 7/9/2019

Combat stress with these simple but effective breathing exercises.

Men’s Guide to Good Health | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 6/16/2019

To keep yourself as healthy as possible, use this guide to learn about some of the most important preventative steps and healthy lifestyle choices men can make.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Volunteering | RMHP Blog

By 6/7/2019

We lead such busy lives these days that even thinking about volunteering can make our stress levels rise. But volunteering actually might be just the right medicine for a hectic life.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Social Media and Internet Use | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 6/7/2019

Maintaining awareness about what your kids do online while respecting their privacy is a delicate balancing act. Use these suggestions to keep your child safe online.

Think Before You Post: 5 Digital Safety Tips | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 5/30/2019

The Internet is a constant presence in our daily lives, but too often digital safety is compromised, which is why it’s important to remember and teach your children these 5 Internet safety tips to in mind while surfing the net.

Making Your Health Care Decisions: Understanding Colorado Advance Directives | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

By 5/10/2019

We know planning for the future is important – especially when it comes to your health care. Advance directives can help you prepare for times when you might need care, but you’re unable to make treatment decisions.

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