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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Deductibles and Coinsurance: How They Work Together

Health care costs are confusing, not least because there are many different types of costs. A monthly premium almost never covers the cost of all care. It is important to understand what costs you will be responsible for if you need medical care.

Health Insurance Marketplace Basics

Health Insurance Marketplaces, often called Exchanges, are a key component of the Affordable Care Act. Here are the basics to help you understand them.

5 Surprising Uses for HSA Funds

What are the benefits of an HSA? Learn more about 5 surprising uses of HAS funds in this easy to understand article from Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

Premium Assistance and the Family Glitch

The family glitch is what Affordable Care Act critics refer to as the series of restrictions that keeps families from services they need. This creates a situation where some families cannot afford to pay for employer sponsored coverage.

Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

In comparing health plan options, industry terminology can be a little overwhelming. Find useful health insurance definitions on the RMHP blog!