Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Tips for Coping with the Shorter Days of Winter | RMHP Blog

By 12/14/2017

Shorter days of winter can lead to the blues. If winter’s shorter days have you feeling down, here are our tips to help you cope.

Your Gift To Yourself: A Guide to Holiday Self Care | RMHP Blog

By 12/6/2017

It’s easy to forget about taking care of your own mental and physical health during the busy holiday season. Here’s our guide to holiday self-care.

5 Delicious (and Healthy) Hot Beverages

By 12/5/2017

Hot beverages are a great way to stay warm in the winter, here are a list of tasty (and healthy) hot drinks that only taste indulgent.

Healthy Eating for the Holidays

By 12/1/2017

Stay healthy this holiday season! Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your favorite holiday foods, no strict calorie counting or deprivation needed.

Nutritious Thanksgiving Side Dishes | RMHP Blog

By 11/21/2017

Give these four nutritious, and delicious, Thanksgiving side dishes a try, but be sure to have the recipes handy (your guests are bound to want them!).

Health Benefits of Gratitude | RMHP Blog

By 11/21/2017

Thanks to Thanksgiving, November is a time when more people stop to reflect about the things they’re grateful for in their lives. Being grateful is an excellent mindset to develop, but you don’t have to wait for fall to add more gratitude into your life.

Four Side Effects of Kindness

By 11/15/2017

Being kind does more than make people feel good — read on to learn more about the many additional benefits and side effects to kindness.

3 Healthier (But Still Delicious!) Halloween Treats | RMHP Blog

By 10/26/2017

Here are 3 ideas for healthier Halloween treats that strike the perfect balance between indulgence and health.

Depression: Getting Help (And Where to Find It) | RMHP Blog

By 10/17/2017

If you’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression, or feel that you might be affected, here are some tips, insights, and resources that will lead you toward help and healing.

Your Fall Fitness Program | RMHP Blog

By 10/17/2017

Here’s how you can create your own fall fitness program, including helpful tips and ideas for fun fitness activities that will keep you motivated.

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