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Five Family-Friendly Activities That Don't Involve Using a Screen | RMHP Blog

Five Family-Friendly Activities That Don't Involve Using a Screen | RMHP Blog



Enjoy Some Screen-Free, Kid-Friendly Fun With These Indoor and Outdoor Activity Options

When you and your kids need a break from the TV and iPad, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from.

Here are five of our favorite family-friendly options that you can explore the next time you — and your kids — are looking for an activity that doesn’t involve a screen.

1. Read as a family

Reading doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Reading aloud to your kids has been proven to help with their vocabulary, literacy, and cognitive development.

Get started with premade book lists available from Mesa County Libraries. Or, find books that relate to your family’s hobbies. For example, for families who like to go camping, there are books to get your kids excited for their next outdoor adventure.

When your children are old enough, they can read to you as well. For families with several children, let your kids take turns deciding which books to read together. You just might learn something about your child’s passions and interests from their selections.

Many public libraries offer online reading services, like e-book rentals, if you aren’t able to make it to the library. Some libraries even host year-round children's reading programs, so be sure to check your local library to see what’s available.

2. Good old-fashioned games

Board games, card games, and dice games are a great way to stimulate your kids’ brains and teach them something new. There are hundreds of game options, so you don’t have to repeat the same ones (unless your family has a favorite, of course).

Plenty of games involve teamwork, too. Puzzles are a fun option if you want an easy group activity that won’t result in intense competition.

You can also make up new games if you don’t have any board games in the house — your kids may even have some creative ideas of their own to try.

3. Outdoor fun

Autumn on the Western Slope means you can have sunny, warm weather or and then get snow and cooler temperatures. The great thing about the Western Slope is that there are plenty of outdoor activity options you and your family can still enjoy, no matter the weather:

  • Year-round hiking is a popular option, and the Western Slope is home to some gorgeous hiking trails.
  • Take a drive to see the aspens as the leaves change color.
  • Explore local history. There’s a diverse range of museums and historical sites to check out if you want to take an educational trip through the Western Slope.
  • The Western Slope is full of RV-friendly sites. As the weather turns colder, you can also let your kids plan their own “trip” and camp out in the living room for a night.

4. Arts and crafts using household supplies

Crafting, which can include simple options like coloring or more complex activities like origami, is a wonderful way to encourage your child’s creativity.

Many crafts can be done with basic household supplies, like paper and scissors, so this hobby doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Arts and crafts time can be educational, too. Try turning school-related work into a crafting activity, like making flashcards.

5. Baking as a family

Who doesn’t love hobbies that result in delicious treats?

Teaching your kids how to bake and cook is something you can all do together, and it can help your children get comfortable in the kitchen. This can help prepare them for when they’re old enough to start cooking on their own, so this is a hobby that is both productive and delicious.