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Smart Home Fitness Equipment | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

Smart Home Fitness Equipment | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog



Stay in Shape With This Smart Home Exercise Equipment

When you’re busy, it can be difficult to find time to fit in a workout at a local fitness studio. That’s why many people choose to exercise at home instead. Fortunately, it’s become easier than ever to get a good workout at home thanks to smart fitness equipment.

Using smart home exercise equipment allows you to connect with instructors and take classes without ever leaving your home. Essentially, this equipment recreates the fitness studio experience in your living room. Here are some of the most popular pieces of smart home fitness equipment you may want to try.


This sleek piece of equipment connects you to cardio, strength, yoga, barre, boxing, Pilates, and other classes taught by trained instructors. There are dozens of new live classes every week, plus countless others available in the on-demand library. By simply hanging the Mirror on your wall, you can take the fitness studio and place it in your home.

Because the Mirror hangs on your wall, no floor space is required. This makes it a great option for people who have limited space in their homes.

The Mirror itself costs $1,495, plus $39 per month to access the classes.

Peloton Bike

Hop on the Peloton Bike to take a high-intensity spin class without ever stepping foot into a fitness studio. During every class, the bike’s built-in display features key metrics, such as your cadence, output, and resistance. There are over 90 live spin classes per week, and during the live classes, you compete not only against yourself but also with others.

The screen will display a leadership board so you can see how you stack up against other riders who have completed the same class. You can also stream one of the on-demand classes as well. Every class, regardless if it is on-demand or not, is led by a trained instructor who will guide you through the different exercises and keep you motivated.

The price of the Peloton Bike starts at $2,245, but if you include accessories such as shoes and weights, the price can climb up to $2,694. You must also pay a $39 monthly fee to access the classes and other special features.


Become a boxing champion in the comfort of your own home with FightCamp. This at-home boxing equipment set comes with foam mats, a punching bag, gloves, and hand wraps with smart trackers that monitor your punch count, speed, and intensity. Tune into one of the many workout classes available through the FightCamp app; however, there’s no built-in screen on the punching bag, so you’ll have to work out near a smart TV or tablet to watch the classes. If you’re new to boxing, make sure to start with the beginner program so you can learn the proper way to punch.

The equipment starts at $1,995, plus an additional $39 per month to watch the classes.

Smart home exercise equipment brings the fitness studio conveniently to your living room. While it can be costly, it can also be a great investment for people with busy lifestyles that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.