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The Best Vegan Recipe Websites to Help with Meal Prep | RMHP Blog

The Best Vegan Recipe Websites to Help with Meal Prep | RMHP Blog



5 Websites with Easy, Delicious Vegan Recipes

In search of quick vegan recipes you can easily make at home? These websites can help you achieve your plant-based eating goals without sacrificing taste. They’re a perfect inspiration for meal prepping, too.

1. Hot for Food:

The foodie expert, Lauren Toyota, who is behind the YouTube channel "Hot for Food," also offers a website with an incredible collection of online vegan recipes. Discover classic favorites, such as Caesar salad, mac and cheese, brownies, and much more, all prepared without the use of any animal products.

Toyota posts brand new recipes to her website and YouTube channel each week. If you are in search of classic staples you thought were out of reach on a vegan diet, this informative website should be one of your very first stops.

2. The Minimalist Baker:

If vegan-style cooking or baking seems overwhelming, this is the site for you. Founded in 2012 by cooking expert Dana Shultz, The Minimalist Baker shares delectable plant-based recipes that require a single bowl, 30 minutes of prep work, and no more than ten ingredients.

You'll find a nice variety of options, including main courses, healthy snacks, and decadent desserts. Each recipe is 100-percent free of animal products and typically are also gluten-free. You can also follow Shultz on Instagram.

3. This Rawsome Vegan Life:

Founded in 2011, this recipe site initially centered on raw desserts. Over time, however, This Rawsome Vegan Life evolved into a complete recipe resource with meals, such as zucchini and chickpea frittata. Still, the site remains true to its roots with plenty of plant-free sweets, including matcha latte, sugar-free dark chocolate, blueberry blackberry sorbet, and almond butter cookies.

The platform also keeps visitors up to date on important causes related to plant-based diets, including animal welfare and the food distribution system. You can also follow This Rawsome Vegan Life on Instagram.

4. Chef Chloe:

At this informative website, professional chef Chloe Coscarelli provides a treasure trove of flavorful plant-based recipes. Gaining national attention after competing on Season 1 of Cupcake Wars on Food Network, Coscarelli raised eyebrows when she went toe-to-toe with experienced bakers, wowing the show's judges with her very own plant-based creations.

After defeating the competition, she went on to create a vegan empire, dabbling in the restaurant industry, writing a number of cookbooks, and more. On her website, you'll find a number of delicious recipes that offer modern, creative twists on classic foods, such as pineapple guacamole, summer smoothie parfaits, and spicy Cajun yam fries.