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Staying Positive (Even When It's Hard) | RMHP Blog

Staying Positive (Even When It's Hard) | RMHP Blog


Staying Positive

5 Tips for Staying Positive During Tough Times

This year has brought unique challenges, which can make it difficult to maintain a positive outlook. But, learning how to cultivate a positive mindset is a worthwhile endeavor that can help you thrive during tumultuous times.

Use these tips and suggestions to stay positive, even when it feels much easier to give in to negativity.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful mind and body practice with a long history. For millennia, people have used meditation to increase calmness and physical relaxation, encourage psychological balance, and enhance their overall well-being.

Studies also suggest that meditation can reduce blood pressure and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you are inexperienced with the practice, use these tips for beginners to establish a regular meditation routine that may help you develop a more positive outlook.

2. Reframe the situation.

Instead of viewing yourself as a victim of difficult circumstances, try looking at the situation from a different perspective. Avoid negative patterns of thinking, which often include questions like, “Why can’t I ever catch a break?” or “Why do bad things always happen to me?”

Instead, reframe your reality and ask yourself what you can control about a situation. Even if you can only impact the outcome in a minor way, this sort of mental reframing can ease anxiety and increase your self-confidence.

3. Avoid negative people

Negativity can spread like a virus. During times of uncertainty and stress, negative people can compound that energy, which makes it hard to alter your mindset.

During difficult times, try to surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you. If you’ve noticed that you tend to feel more anxious and pessimistic after spending time with certain people, consider limiting your interactions. You can also actively seek out people who embrace life in positive ways.

4. Unplug

These days, we always seem to be connected to the world via some type of device. While this comes with certain positives, it also subjects us to a consistent barrage of troubling news and stressful situations.

If you want to increase the positivity in your life, try spending more time away from your phone, television, and laptop. Research suggests that too much screen time can sap our creativity and fuel insomnia, two things that quickly fuel negative thinking.

Here are some great alternatives to screen time:

5. Practice gratitude

It's easy to focus on everything that’s going wrong in your life and around the world. But what about all the things that are going right?

According to research, people were more optimistic and felt better about their lives when they regularly journaled about things they were grateful for.

If you have difficulty practicing gratitude, write down five positive observations before bedtime every day. Don’t worry if your entries are repetitive, either. The act of consistent gratitude journaling is more important than the actual content when it comes to staying positive.