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4 Books to Get Your Children Excited About Camping and the Great Outdoors | RMHP Blog

4 Books to Get Your Children Excited About Camping and the Great Outdoors | RMHP Blog


4 Books to Get Your Children Excited About Camping

Get Your Kids Ready For An Outdoor Adventure With These Books

Summer is the perfect time to pitch a tent, crowd around a campfire, gaze at the stars, and enjoy the great outdoors with your kids.

If your kids have never been camping before, there are plenty of books that will help them discover the joys of camping in Colorado. Here are four books that will have your child counting down the days until your next outdoor adventure.

1. Sleeping Bags to S’mores: Camping Basics, by Heather Balogh Rochfort and William Rochfort

If you and your children have questions about camping, this guide has the answers. This book is a comprehensive guide to camping that covers everything from choosing the right campsite to preparing meals over the fire. The authors live in Colorado with their toddler, and they’re excellent sources for advice on how to enjoy our beautiful state with your family.

Encourage your child to read this illustrated camping guide before your trip, so they feel more comfortable and prepared to conquer the great outdoors!

2. Our Great Big Backyard, by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager

This is a wonderful book for kids who haven’t shown much interest in camping or spending time in nature. The story follows Jane, who wants to spend her summer at home with her friends, but ends up on a road trip with her family to camp at different national parks across the country.

Jane initially dreads the thought of spending her summer traveling from campsite to campsite, but soon starts to appreciate mother nature.

After finishing this book, your reluctant camper may feel more eager to see what the outdoors have to offer.

3. Three Days On A River In A Red Canoe, by Vera B. Williams

This story takes readers on an exciting outdoor adventure with two moms and their two children. The book is filled with suspense as the characters battle bad weather and work together to rescue one of the children, who is thrown overboard in choppy water.

In addition to telling a thrilling story, the authors also provide valuable camping information throughout the book. Readers can learn how to tie knots, make food over a campfire, and stay safe on their next camping trip.

4. Do Princesses and Superheroes Hit the Trails?, by Carmela LaVigna Coyle and Mike Gordon

Are you planning a trip to a national park with your family? If so, encourage your child to read this book, which is written by two Coloradans. Each page of the book focuses on a different national park, so your child can vicariously travel around the country without ever leaving home.

The authors have included maps of the national parks on the final pages of the book. Let your child use these maps to start planning your family’s next hiking adventure!