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3 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits | RMHP Blog

3 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits | RMHP Blog


3 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits

Teach Your Children How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easier to develop healthy habits than break bad ones, which is why it’s so important to help your children develop healthy habits early in their lives. Here are three tips that parents can try to help the family’s youngest members develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

1. Make healthy snacks together

Show your child that eating healthy can be fun by making nutritious snacks together. Start with a few classic kid-friendly snacks such as ants on a log, smoothies, and frozen fruit pops. These snacks are almost as fun to make as they are to eat!

Plus, the recipes are simple enough for your child to follow on their own, so they can prepare their own healthy snacks. Teaching your child how to make simple healthy treats can help them avoid reaching for junk food when their stomach starts to rumble.

2. Introduce your child to the great outdoors

Research has shown that outdoor time can benefit both children and adults physically, mentally, and emotionally. For this reason, parents should help their children get in the habit of spending more time outdoors.

Don’t plan a big weekend camping trip yet. Instead, start small when it comes to helping your child connect to the outdoors. Spend time in your backyard together gardening, birdwatching, or identifying plants, trees, and flowers. Then, spend an afternoon visiting local farms or nature trails once your child becomes more comfortable in the outdoors. Eventually, your kiddo may be ready for a hike through the wilderness or an overnight camping trip.

Taking these small steps can help your child develop a genuine love of the great outdoors that they will carry with them forever.

3. Make exercise fun

When parents teach their children the importance of exercising at a young age, they’re more likely to stay active as they grow older. However, keep in mind that kids are less likely to do things they don’t enjoy. A trip to the gym isn’t fun for most kids, so that may not be an effective way to establish this healthy habit. Instead, find ways to make exercising fun. You can:

  • Create a playlist of upbeat songs and host a dance party in your living room.
  • Take your child to a toy store and let them pick out an inexpensive toy that promotes physical activity such as a jump rope or frisbee.
  • Challenge them to a race around your neighborhood. If they win, let them decide what to watch on family movie night.

The key is to find an activity that your child enjoys, so they want to exercise. Be creative and come up with a fun way to stay active as a family.

When you try these tips, developing healthy habits can feel like less of a chore for your children. Helping your kids establish these habits now can set them up for a lifetime of health and happiness.