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BLM Land Along the Western Slope: A Guide to Outdoor Exploration | RMHP Blog

BLM Land Along the Western Slope: A Guide to Outdoor Exploration | RMHP Blog



Where to Hike, Camp, and Bike on BLM Land in Western Colorado

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) supervises over eight million acres of public land in Colorado, and nearly all of those acres are located along the Western Slope. As you plan your family’s next outdoor adventure, consider reading up on BLM land and where it’s located in Colorado so you can hike, camp, and bicycle on protected trails and mountain paths.

What is the Bureau of Land Management?

The Bureau of Land Management, is a subdivision of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Since the Bureau came into official capacity in 1946, its goal has been to aid current and future generations by helping maintain public lands throughout much of the Western half of the United States.

This aid comes in the form of managing timber harvesting, livestock grazing, and recreation in a way that preserves the natural beauty of an area. Another vital part of the BLM’s mission statement is to support local businesses, keeping traditions and holistic land treatment active. Additionally, the BLM creates thousands of local jobs by bolstering traditional land uses for industries like energy development.

Which cities in the Western Slope include BLM land?

The Western Slope spans millions of acres and the BLM only controls some of them. Conveniently, the BLM supports several of Colorado’s national parks and conservation areas.

Popular outdoor recreation cities, including Gunnison, Grand Junction, and Montrose touch BLM land, and these spots are near some of the top outdoor recreation spots in the state. Tourism is an important part of the Colorado economy and visitors to the Western Slope appreciate having easy access to all of the recreation opportunities available on BLM land.

Which outdoor activities can you do on BLM land?

Since recreation is a huge part of the BLM’s focus, outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, backcountry skiing, camping, fishing, bicycling, and snowshoeing are all fair game.

There’s no shortage of options for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a new adventure when it comes to BLM land. Here are some of our favorite local spots, plus trip planning advice you can use to plan your next adventure:

Some trails and campsites located on BLM lands may require permits. Always double-check all rules and regulations before your trip, which is something you should do no matter where your outdoor adventures lead.