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Why You Should Bike to Work


Grand Valley Bike to Work Day takes place every May to shed light on the benefits of commuting by bicycle. There are a number of reasons from helping your health to saving you money that aligns with


Save more money.

Just like almost everything else, driving is becoming more expensive every day. According to the American Automobile Association, the average cost of car ownership exceeds $8,800 per year. A large portion of this expense is due to gasoline, which typically costs well over $2 per gallon. Depreciation is the largest expense, according to AAA, accounting for $3,000 or nearly 40 percent of the cost of owning a new vehicle. When you bike to work, you save money on gas while also reducing wear and tear on your car, which would cause it to depreciate in value faster.


Increase your overall health.

While most people understand that bicycling can help improve their health, many underestimate its overall impact. Research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) indicates that people lose from two to 16 pounds when they switch to biking to work. Bicycling can also lower your risk of heart disease and other long-term medical problems by improving your cardiovascular health. At least one study found that bicycle commuting  helps lower health care costs by reducing chronic illness and preventable death.


Improve your mood.

Studies suggest that outdoor exercise provides a number of unique benefits you can't get from a gym. Research has shown that open-air exercise improves mental well-being while providing feelings of revitalization and increased energy. This same research indicates that we experience a reduction in anger, confusion, tension and depression when we exercise in natural environments. When you choose to bike to work in a place as scenic as Grand Junction, the beauty of nature can help relieve stress and inspire feelings of well-being.


Increase your brain power.

Exercise continues to stimulate certain parts of the brain. This often lends itself to improved cognitive function including helping you remember things more easily as well as enhance brain production.


Limit air pollution & protect the environment.

Every day, about 86 percent of commuters drive to work by car, truck or van. This means our nation's roads are choked with 123 million Americans every morning. Traffic congestion results in significant air pollution, which can increase the risk of pulmonary issues and other health problems. While there's no way to completely avoid air pollution, you are especially vulnerable when stuck in traffic. When you bike to work, on the other hand, you can reduce your exposure to air pollution by avoiding traffic jams and choosing more efficient routes available only to cyclists. You can also reduce your impact on the environment by leaving your vehicle in the garage more often.