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5 Tips For a Safe Spring Break  

Get The Most Out of Your Vacation By Staying Healthy

From slathering on sunscreen to packing enough hand sanitizer, these are 5 key health and safety tips to follow for a fun, memorable, and healthy spring break.

1. Don’t forget to apply (and reapply) sunscreen

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a painful sunburn, so don’t skip the sunscreen. Getting too much sun exposure can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer. According to Dr. Martin Weinstock, a professor of dermatology and epidemiology at Brown University, “This is a situation where if you get a few sunburns, that increases your risk of skin cancer a little. If you get lots of sunburns that can increase your risk of skin cancer a lot.”

Apply sunscreen before heading outside each day, and don’t forget to reapply every few hours, and after swimming/towel drying. Even if it’s cloudy or raining, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate your skin.

2. Don’t completely ditch your healthy diet

Eating well fuels your body for spring break adventures. While traveling for a vacation is often a time to indulge and celebrate, don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll pack back more pounds than souvenirs. Plus, the long-term impacts can result in what is known as creeping obesity. Simply fill your plate with fruits, veggies, and other whole foods especially if you’re traveling somewhere with an abundance of fresh produce, eating healthy is easy. 

Be careful not to restrict yourself too much, though. It’s completely okay to indulge a bit more than you usually would at home, just don’t go overboard with unhealthy meals and snacks.

3. Watch out for sugary beverages and alcohol

Whether you’re sipping hot chocolate in the ski lodge or enjoying an ice cold cocktail on the beach, nothing beats a drink that suits the occasion. Just be careful you don’t down too many of these types of beverages. Whether the drink contains heaps of extra sugar or alcohol, drinking your calories is one surefire way to derail the best healthy eating intentions.

It helps to have some healthier alternatives in mind. In warm weather, you could try one of these Four Refreshing and Sugar-Free Summer Drinks. If you’ll be somewhere chillier, these 5 Delicious (and Healthy) Hot Beverages are perfect for cooler spring break destinations.

4. Protect yourself from germs

Airports, gas stations, and other high traffic areas are a common place for spring breakers to encounter germs that lead to colds and the flu. When traveling, keep germs away by washing your hands frequently and take extra precautions by carrying hand sanitizer.

You should also pay attention to food sanitation. Eat food that is fully cooked and served hot, wash all fruits and veggies in purified water, and stick to bottled water and beverages in places where drinking the tap water isn’t advised.

5. Before leaving, make sure your family’s vaccinations are up to date

Traveling to certain parts of the world may require extra vaccinations. Chat with your health care provider to double check any vaccination renewals needed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also has a destination checklist found here so you are prepared to stay healthy during your travels.