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What Does It Mean To Have Spring Fever?

Physiological Reasons for Spring Fever and Ways to Get Active

The exact cause of spring fever remains somewhat unclear, but there’s a chance you’ll experience it this year or that you’ve had an inkling of spring fever in the past.

According to Michael Terman, director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center: "Spring fever is not a definitive diagnostic category.” He writes in an article published in Scientific American. “But I would say it begins as a rapid and yet unpredictable fluctuating mood and energy state that contrasts with the relative low [of the] winter months that precede it."

Most animals exhibit seasonal variations in behavior and physiology. We also know that mood and behavior have correlations with the longer days of spring. What we don’t know is the exact cause for the increased energy many of us experience each spring.

Sign #1: You suddenly have an intense desire to go for a run

The weather has started warming up and all you want to do is run around outside. Concentrating throughout the workday becomes difficult, especially when you feel the sunshine filtering in through the window.

After a cold winter and limited activity, it’s time to get moving again. Going for a trail run is the perfect cure, and here are 10 great routes you can try: 5 Great Trail Running Spots in Western CO and 5 More Great Trail Running Spots in Western CO.

Sign #2: You’ve been battling seasonal depression all winter long

Experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), during the winter months can prove to be difficult, which is why your mood improves each spring.

In an interview for MSN, Psychiatrist Dan Oren, who studies SAD said, "People with SAD, by definition, do improve in springtime."

Sign #3: Springtime allergies are in full swing

For some of us, seasonal allergies are the first sign that spring is on its way. Allergies aren’t a fun part of spring fever, but the symptoms can be lessened in many cases. Learn more about treating seasonal allergy symptoms in Western Colorado.

Sign #4: You’ve said goodbye to the crock pot and are now craving lighter fare

While a tasty crock pot meal can be satisfying all year long, these kitchen tools do tend to get more use in the winter. Stock up on fresh produce to fuel your springtime adventures, and get ready for a season of outdoor adventure on the Western Slope.