Baseball Health Benefits with the GJ Rockies



What Are the Health Benefits of Playing Baseball? 

Here at Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP), we’re big fans of baseball. We’re even a proud sponsor of the Grand Junction Rockies minor league baseball team, and our team loves watching games at Suplizio Field all summer long.

But, as much as we enjoy watching baseball, we can’t deny the health benefits of playing baseball, too.

Playing baseball builds strength in your arms and legs

The fact that baseball improves physical strength probably isn’t surprising, but you might be surprised to see how strong you get after playing for a few months. Holding and swinging a baseball bat and throwing and catching the ball requires use of the entire upper body. Certain motions, like swinging, can also build joint flexibility.

Your legs will also get a great workout. Moving in different directions helps develop strength and mobility in all of your muscles. Squatting down engages the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. All of that running will add even more muscle to your legs.

Baseball improves cardiovascular health, too

Speaking of running, there’s plenty of it in baseball, and it’s great for your heart and lungs. Batters sprint to the bases, outfielders run toward fly balls, and catchers often have to chase after foul balls.

Playing baseball gives hand-eye coordination a big boost

Successfully catching a small baseball that’s traveling quickly through the air requires a ton of hand-eye coordination. The same thing goes for batting, because making contact and hitting the ball out of the park isn’t easy.

Hand-eye coordination may not come naturally in the beginning, but will improve significantly with more practice.

When you play baseball, you’re also getting lots of Vitamin D

Our bodies crave Vitamin D. When your skin is exposed to sunlight it triggers the process that allows your body to naturally produce this essential vitamin.

Vitamin D is important, but sunscreen is still an essential thing to have on hand when playing baseball. Players can easily get burnt from spending hours in the sunshine, so slather on the SPF.

Baseball is even good for the mind

Like most sports, playing baseball involves making quick decisions and paying attention to your surroundings. When batting, you’ll think about when to hit the ball, how to hit it, and where you want it to travel. Catchers and outfielders need to estimate how fast the ball is speeding toward them to successfully make a catch. Running is strategic, too.

You’ll connect with your team and make friends during a baseball game

Baseball is a team sport, which means you’ll spend time socializing and getting to know your teammates. You’ll quickly become friends with like-minded people as you practice and play together.

Adults and kids who live in Grand Junction and the surrounding area have several options when looking for a baseball league:

For more options, including softball leagues in Grand Junction, visit the Healthy Mesa County website to learn more.