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Make Deeper Connections With Your Community by Volunteering

Volunteering doesn’t just help the people and organizations who need your support. Giving back also benefits you as a volunteer. You’ll gain a deeper sense of connection with the people and places in your community, for starters. 

There is a diverse variety of volunteering opportunities throughout the Western Slope, from the Grand Valley down to Montezuma County. This guide will highlight some of the different types of volunteering you can do, plus show you how to find organizations to work with. 

Websites to find volunteer opportunities on the Western Slope

Luckily, several websites exist to help connect people with worthy organizations all around the world, including here in Western Colorado: 

  • VolunteerMatch.org maintains an extensive database and is a good place to start your search.
  • Idealist.org also has an extensive list of volunteer placements, jobs, and internships that you can browse. 

Each site will help you connect with the types of volunteering activities that matter most to you. 

Volunteering in Durango Volunteers of America Colorado

Volunteers of America is a faith-based nonprofit with a national reach. Their Western Slope volunteer placements are in Durango and include working with veterans, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness and domestic abuse. 

To learn about additional Durango-area organizations you can share your time and skills with, check out this list of local groups. 

Serving on a committee or advisory board

Service on a volunteer board is another excellent way to get involved. You’ll have to check with your city or town for current openings, but these positions give you a voice in departments like parks and recreation, housing and development, arts and culture, and so much more. 

Take a look at Grand Junction’s Volunteer Boards and Commission web page for examples of different city commissions and departments that need volunteer board members. If you don’t live in Grand Junction, visit your local government’s website and search for terms such as “volunteer boards”. 

Consider volunteering independently

Volunteering on your own, and not with an organization or group, is another wonderful way to get involved and help your community thrive. Here are some ideas that you can try the next time you have some spare time: 

  • Pick up trash around a local park, trail, or neighborhood.
  • Pack and distribute care kits with necessities like socks, hygiene items, snacks, and water for people experiencing homelessness.
  • If you have elderly neighbors, you could bring them healthy home cooked meals, assist with yard work, or offer support in another way. 

With so many ways to give back, all you need to do is find a volunteering opportunity that makes you feel good while doing good.