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11 Easy Ways You Can Save Water Every Day

The Western Slope has received plenty of snow this year, and while drought conditions have been minimized, water conservation is still as important as ever. Don’t wait for the next drought to start being smarter about water usage. Instead, make these 11 simple water saving tips a part of your daily life today. 

1. Take shorter showers

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), showers use approximately 17 percent of a home’s indoor water use. If every member of your household reduced their showering time by 1-2 minutes, the water savings would be incredibly significant. 

2. Replace your showerhead

The EPA also notes that the average family can save 2,900 gallons of water per year by switching an old showerhead with a WaterSense labeled model. 

3. Always turn off taps tightly, so they don’t drip

Leaky faucets and taps should be tightened as soon as possible. Leaks waste a lot of water, and the fix is usually simple. If you can’t get to the root cause, schedule an appointment with a local plumber.

4. Install water-flow reduction devices on your taps

Aerators and other similar devices easily attach to your taps, allowing your family to reduce water usage with minimal effort.

5. Only do full loads of laundry and dishes

Running the washing machine or dishwasher before it’s full is an unnecessary waste of water. Using the shortest wash cycle is another effective way to conserve H2O.

6. When hand washing dishes, don’t let the water run

Fill the sink with water and scrub away, then rinse everything in at one time.

7. Never water your lawn during the hottest part of the day

Water during the early morning or at dusk, when water is less likely to evaporate in the sun.

8. Ensure your sprinklers aren’t watering the sidewalk

Your sprinkler heads should be adjusted so that water hits the lawn, not the driveway, sidewalk, or house.

9. Take steps to avoid water run-off

When water can’t soak into the soil, run-off is the result. Avoid this type of water waste by: 

  • Watering in shorter bursts
  • Aerating your lawn
  • Using drip irrigation systems that allow water to reach the plant’s root system
  • Installing a WiFi-connected smart sprinkler system with an automatic shut-off device that kicks in when it rains

10. Use climate-appropriate plants in your lawn and yard

Native grasses, succulents, and other types of arid-weather plants require far less water than the average lawn or garden. They look great and can even be much easier to maintain.

11. Leave the lawn clippings

After you mow the lawn, let the clippings stay on the ground. Doing so provides shade, which helps your grass stay cool and locks in more moisture.