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Your Guide to Healthy Choices During 4th of July Celebrations 

Like most holidays, there’s an abundance of food and snacks at nearly every 4th of July celebration around the country. 

That doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyle has to get sidetracked, though. A healthier 4th of July celebration is all about making good, balanced choices, and these easy food and fitness tips will keep you feeling great all day (and night) long. 

Don’t skip breakfast to “save” calories for the BBQ

Eat a healthy breakfast and you’ll save yourself from overeating later. This list of quick and nutritious breakfasts was meant for busy school day mornings, but they’re also perfect for busy holidays when time is limited. 

When you don’t arrive to the party already starving, it’s a whole lot easier to use the next tip, too.

Pay attention to your portions

Who isn’t tempted to overload their plate with all of the goodies that are being served at a summer gathering? 

Before giving in to unchecked gluttony, give yourself a mental reminder about portion control while choosing what to eat. After all, you can always go back for seconds if you’re still hungry.

Fill your plate with flavorful grilled veggies

Hopefully, there will be several vegetable options to enjoy during your 4th of July celebrations. 

When a potluck is on the calendar consider bringing your own delicious veggie dish to grill. Don’t know what to bring? Some of the Rocky Mountain Health Plans Team’s favorite veggie-centric grilling recipes can be found here: 5 Grilled Mostly Veggie Recipes for Delicious Summer Meals. 

You’ll obviously need some fresh produce for your dish, so be sure to stop by one of the wonderful farmers’ markets in the Western Slope.

Plan to do something active outside in the Grand Valley

There’s no better way to celebrate the U.S. than by spending time appreciating the beautiful natural spaces we’re so lucky to have. Anyone who lives on the Western Slope will be spoilt for choice when deciding how to get outside on the 4th of July, but these RMHP all-time favorite trails and locations won’t disappoint: 

As a bonus, you’ll also work up a good appetite before heading off to a BBQ or potluck.

Now that you have healthy 4th of July plans sorted, find a fun holiday event in the Grand Valley

Colorado’s Grand Valley loves a good 4th of July celebration, and there are several annual events to choose from. Check out some of the fun options in this Independence Day roundup: Fun 4th of July Ideas in the Grand Valley. 

For anyone who feels like it isn’t the 4th without fireworks, be sure to head over to Grand Junction or Fruita to watch the sky light up.