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7 Reasons To Visit A Ski Town In Summer | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

7 Reasons To Visit A Ski Town In Summer | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog



Enjoying Colorado’s Ski Towns All Summer Long

The snow (eventually) melts in ski towns across Colorado, but that doesn’t mean the slopes are shuttered for the season. Summertime is anything but boring in a ski town. 

When you plan a warm-weather trip to a nearby ski resort, there’s no need to worry about running out of things to do. Excellent mountain biking, thrilling roller coasters, relaxing yoga, and so much more are all reasons to visit a ski town during the summer months.

1. Find your zen through mountaintop yoga

Some ski resorts, like Aspen Snowmass, offer yoga and meditation throughout the summer. You’ll have an opportunity to breathe deeply and find your center while flowing through various yoga poses in an idyllic outdoor setting.

2. Skip skiing and snowboarding

Winter sports aren’t for everyone. And while this benefit of a summertime ski town visit might not resonate with people who love carving down the slopes, a warm weather trip is perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

3. Satisfy your inner thrill seeker on a mountain roller coaster 

Purgatory Resort, near Durango, has introduced its newest high-adrenaline attraction: the Inferno Mountain Coaster. The track rises around 40 feet into the air in some spots, so it’s no surprise that you’ll snag some stunning views of the surrounding mountain scenery. 

The coaster is nearly one mile long with a 300-foot vertical drop, nine switchbacks, and one 360-degree loop. A hand brake allows you to control the car’s speed, so you can choose your own type of adventure. 

4. If roller coasters aren’t your idea of fun, try ziplining

There are tons of opportunities for an adrenaline rush when you visit ski towns during the summer. Several ski resorts offer zipline tours and suspension bridges, including Crested Butte. The tour includes five ziplines connected via suspended wood bridges and tall platforms. 

5. Swap out your skis for a downhill mountain bike

Downhill mountain biking is a fun way to experience the slopes. At Powderhorn Mountain Resort in Mesa, you can even take your bike to the top of the mountain using the ski lifts. 

If you don’t have the right type of bike, the resort offers full suspension downhill mountain bike rentals, including protective equipment.

6. Soak up the scenery on a hike

Most ski resorts operate all or partially on land that’s managed by the U.S. Forest Service, which means you’ll have easy access to hiking trails during your visit. 

Depending on the hike you choose, consider bringing microspikes (and possibly snowshoes), since snow can linger at higher elevations well into July and August.

7. There are more activities available during the summer at a ski town

The number of summer activities available in ski towns increases every year. This short list only scratches the surface, so be sure to get outside for some ski town fun!