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Your Guide to a Killer At-Home Kettlebell Workout

If you’re looking to gain strength and burn fat from the comfort of your home, invest in a kettlebell. These versatile weights look like a small cannonball or bowling ball with a handle on top, and they can be purchased in virtually any weight sizes.

Kettlebells are perfect for winter because you can accomplish a variety of exercises instead of braving the cold outside for a run or bundling up to head to the gym.

Why are kettlebells so great?

Kettlebell workouts burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time some estimates note up to 400 calories in 20 minutes. Kettlebells have a tight center of gravity due to the shape of the bell. The movements performed primarily engage major muscle groups, and you can get a great full-body workout from basic moves like the kettlebell swing.

The workouts you perform even mirror many real life activities, making them a great tool for functional fitness. Kettlebell workouts are also high intensity and also increase cardio. Whether you’d like to improve strength, endurance, or both, kettlebells are an ideal tool for the job.

What’s the best kettlebell weight to start with?

The weight you choose will depend on your current level of strength and overall fitness, but don’t overestimate the weight you need. If you’ve never done a kettlebell workout before remember that it will be very different from the way you usually strength train.

Women should start with an 18-pound kettlebell whereas men should begin with around 35 pounds. However, always use what feels most comfortable and don’t strain yourself to reach these benchmarks as they are not set in stone, but rather recommendations. Some individuals may require more or less weight depending on fitness level. Additionally, you should always discuss your new fitness routine with your primary care provider.

Your one move, at-home kettlebell workout

Before you start throwing weight around, spend some time watching videos that demonstrate proper form. The importance of form can’t be overstated, because it’s very easy to injure yourself. If at all possible, have a professional trainer or an employee at your local gym show you how to use a kettlebell before trying it solo at home.

Perfecting the kettlebell swing

Stand up straight, feet slightly wider than hip distance. Grab the handle with both hands, keeping your palms face down and arms in front of your body. Bend your knees slightly and drive your hips back to lower your body slightly. 

Drive your hips forward in one fluid motion while swinging the kettlebell to chest height. Your glutes and core should be engaged, and the movement should come from your hips, not arms. 

That’s a very basic description of a complicated move, which is why you should spend some time reading more and watching videos. This article explains how to perform the perfect kettlebell swing. Once you’ve mastered it, try this full-body kettlebell workout that’s perfect for beginners and experts alike.