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Strategies for Keeping Your “Eat Better” Resolution

As another New Year has kicked off and we make our way through January, you may be wavering a bit on any of those resolutions to eat healthier. Instead of feeling guilty for wanting to or having already quit the ‘eat better’ resolution, use these tips to reframe your healthy eating for a greater chance of success.

Rethinking the resolution to eat better

“I’m going to eat healthier” is a great goal. It’s also incredibly vague.

If you want to keep your resolutions, a different approach is needed. First, break “eating healthy” down into smaller and more specific mini-goals. Once you’ve been successful with one goal, add another.

The following nutrition trips are the backbone to keeping your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. When you write down your resolutions for the New Year, don’t forget to include these, too!

Nutrition Resolution #1: Eat veggies at breakfast

Aim to add wholesome vegetables to your breakfast at a frequency that sounds doable to you. You could shoot for three days a week or even the weekends, for example.

Nutrition Resolution #2: Meal prep once or twice per week

Preparing your meals ahead of time makes it so much easier to choose healthy foods after a long and busy day. Meal prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming, either. There are tons of simple recipes, like these 4 Easy Sheet Pan Dinners For Busy Weeknights that you can turn to for mouth-watering inspiration.

For more help getting started with meal prep, don’t miss these quick reads:

Many people like meal prepping on Sunday night, but you don’t have to cook an entire week’s worth of lunches and dinners to meet your healthy eating goals.

Nutrition Resolution #3: Limit the number of times per week you eat outs

If you eat out often, try preparing more of your own meals to keep your healthy eating on track.

The number of times someone visits his or her favorite restaurants each week will vary, so choose a weekly limit that suits your lifestyle.

Choosing realistic New Year’s resolutions

You may have noticed that every nutrition tip suggested here includes choosing a specific number of times you’ll eat vegetables, meal prep, or eat out.

That’s because it’s so important to quantify your goals while choosing a number that’s realistic and achievable for you. These principles apply to any goal or resolution, too! To learn more about creating resolutions that turn into healthy habits, read these Tips to Keep Your Healthy Living New Year's Resolution Going.