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RMHP Is Whole Person Care

How We Work As A Team To Ensure You Get The Care You Need

At RMHP, we’re committed to providing you the constant, high-quality service and care you deserve and expect from us – your local health insurance carrier. But what exactly does that mean? 

Whole Person Care With RMHP

Well, we’re here to ensure that your receipt of care is from your head to your toes. When it comes to you and your health, our philosophy is on Whole Person Care – a coordinated approach – placing you at the center of our entire RMHP team working to ensure you’re receiving the best care possible.

Helping You Keep Your Health Routines

As you are settling into your health routines for 2019, take time to focus on the importance of care for your whole body. Whether that’s eating a nutritious wholesome recipe, preventing the flu, keeping New Year’s Resolutions simple, or equipping yourself emotional and mentally for the year ahead – now is the time to reflect and set attainable goals. Just as we do to keep you healthy for the year ahead.

We're Just A Call or Click Away

We don’t stop there, whether it’s one of our Care Coordinators assisting with your transition from an extended hospital stay, our work with medical practices to improve the quality of your service, or our friendly Customer Service representatives helping you navigate your health care – you drive us to be our best, so you can live your healthy best.

Join us again this year for the journey of your health and our commitment to keeping you at your healthy best from your head to your toes.