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Use the Buddy System in Your Workouts For Accountability

Whether you’re a veteran fitness aficionado or are completely new to the world of working out, consider exercising with a group. From strength training to yoga to cardio and beyond, there’s a fitness class that’s perfect for your goals and interests.

If you still need more convincing that group exercise is what your active lifestyle needs, these benefits will have you signing up for a class in no time.


Working out with a group is a great motivation booster

There’s nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by like-minded people who are (literally) working hard to crush their goals. Add an inspiring and energetic instructor who helps you push past perceived limits into the mix, and you’ll be hooked on the motivation that comes from group exercise.


Group exercise can hold you accountable to your fitness goals

There’s a helpful element of accountability in group fitness classes, too. You’re less likely to skip a group workout, because you know there’s a crew of people who will notice your absence.


You could make some new friends

When you become a regular in a group fitness class, it’s easy to meet new people in your community. Attend enough classes on a regular schedule and you may even make some new friends who share similar fitness and lifestyle ambitions.


The instructor will keep an eye on your form

Certified instructors demonstrating and guiding you to proper form lead the best group fitness classes. Doing each exercise the correct way gives your muscles the full benefit of each move, and you’ll avoid injuries.


You just show up and work out, no planning required

Virtually every group fitness class includes a warm-up, workout, and a cool-down. The instructor will coach everyone through each part of the routine. Even if you usually enjoy designing your own workouts, a group class can offer a welcome break from the burden of planning.


No matter what type of workout you want, there’s a group fitness class for you

Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, or proficiency, there’s a group fitness class that’s perfect for you. Indoor cycling, yoga, dance, kickboxing, weight training, boot camp style classes, and the list goes on.

In fact, choosing classes to take might be the trickiest part of group exercise. If you get bored easily with workouts, trying new group classes is a fun way to add more variety to your routine.


Group exercise classes are a blast

This might be the best benefit of exercising with a group — it’s just plain fun. You’ll move your body to upbeat music and laugh with new friends, all while getting in an awesome workout.