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Encouraging an Active School Year Once Summer Vacation is Over


You’ve successfully helped your kids stay active all summer long, but it’s a whole new challenge once school starts again. To make sure the youngest members of your family keep their bodies moving after summer vacation is over, try adding these tips to your parenting toolkit.


Encourage participation in after school sports


Youth sports can be great fun for kids who are interested in athletics, just be careful to keep the schedule manageable. Before school starts, sit down with your little sports stars and pick one sport per season.


H3: Limit time spent in front of the computer and on screens


Today’s children spend large chunks of their day using computers, smartphones, and other screens. This can be problematic considering experts recommend parents keep their kids’ recreational screen time to under two hours per day.

Staying under that limit might be tricky and you may need to implement some boundaries and ground rules. When you ask your children to put their phones away, offer them an active alternative like going for a bike ride or playing with friends.


Enjoy active pursuits as a family


Show your kids that being physically active is something the whole family values by planning frequent after school and weekend activities together.

You could start a post-dinner bike ride tradition, for example. If you want to get stuff done around the house, turn chores into a fun game by putting on some music and dancing while completing chores.


Choose age-appropriate activities


When an activity is too difficult or physically challenging, children are quick to become frustrated or bored. If you’ve ever seen a child dissolve into tears on a hike that’s too difficult, you already know how important it is to be mindful of skill and ability.

Before you head out on a family adventure, consider what your kids can realistically handle. There’s always a simpler option, as these 5 day hikes throughout Colorado that are perfect for families with young hikers prove.


Explore local attractions together


Being active isn’t just about playing sports and participating in physical activities. Keeping young minds active is equally important. If you live in Western Colorado, plan a visit to one of these 4 Fantastic Historical Sites on Colorado's Western Slope. Each site offers a glimpse into the past, and nothing makes history come alive quite like visiting the places where it all happened.


Provide your kids with plentiful opportunities for physical activity


To keep children active during the school year, make it easy for them:

  • Help your kids find activities they love by giving them ample opportunity to explore interests and develop new skills.
  • Plan regular family outings, both at home and beyond.
  • If you love a sport or activity, share it with your kids.