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Pulling Together Family Dinners in a Flash

Tastebud-Approved Dinner Tips For Busy Families

Gathering the entire family for dinner can be a challenge, especially when the kids and adults alike have packed schedules and limited time.

Family dinners don’t have to be time consuming or complicated, though. Just add some of these tips, tricks, and recipes into your mealtime routine so that you can make more time to enjoy family meals.

Put family dinners on the calendar

Treat family dinners like you would any other important appointment and schedule them into your calendar. Zeroing in on a schedule that works for every member of the family might be tricky at first, but it’ll be worth it.

Plan ahead and get into the habit of meal prep

One of the biggest hurdles to family meals is failing to plan what you’re going to eat. But, planning and preparing meals ahead of time is a great way to make weekdays a little less hectic. There’s no right or wrong way to meal prep, either:

  • Some people rely on apps to help them organize meals.
  • Others prepare staples, like meat, rice, and veggies ahead of time, then use those prepared foods in meals throughout the week.
  • Many families like to designate one or two days of the week as meal prep days.

No matter how you meal prep, involve your kids in the process. From choosing recipes to grocery shopping to cooking, they’ll learn invaluable life skills.

Keep dinners simple

Family dinners don’t have to be an elaborate, five-course ordeal. Instead, focus on making simple recipes that are full of nutritious ingredients.

Embrace sheet pan dinners

The crock pot isn’t the only tool in your toolbox when it comes to whipping up fast family dinners. Baking pans are just as useful and versatile — just assemble and cook all of the meal’s ingredients on one big baking pan.

Sheet pan dinners make it easy to get creative, but keeping things simple is just as tasty. For proof, try making one of these 4 Easy Sheet Pan Dinners For Busy Weeknights.

Turn off technology during family dinners

To get the most out of your family dinners, implement a “no technology” rule. When you “ban” cell phones, televisions, tablets, and all other screens from the dinner table, it’s so much easier to connect with each other.

Try new foods together

When was the last time your family tried a food or ingredient that was new to everyone? There’s always something new to sample, even for the most adventurous eaters. To find these new-to-you foods, explore the local grocery store with an eye for things the family has never eaten before. Specialty grocers are also full of foods you may have never cooked with before, and a quick online search is all you need to find exciting new recipes. 

As a bonus, your kids are far less likely to become picky eaters when they regularly enjoy a wider variety of foods. These food-hunting trips might even become a beloved family tradition that encourages healthy and adventurous eating.