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Fall Fun in Fruita

Trail Running, Mountain Biking, & More in Fruita

Colorado’s highest elevations are starting to feel the chill, but fall is one of the best times to get outside in Fruita. If you’re looking for some outdoor recreation inspiration to stay active, healthy, and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer in the fall, you’re in the right place — here's how to enjoy perfect autumn temperatures in Fruita all season long.

Go for a trail run

Fall is the perfect running season especially in Fruita, which has a number of trails that aren’t just for mountain bikers. Whether you’re a regular runner and want to challenge yourself with some trail running or you’re a novice wanting to start a new routine, trail running is perfect to help you get or stay in shape.

Some of the health benefits of running include:

  • Creating a stronger core
  • Strengthening your connective tissues
  • Improving your heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure over time
  • Easier impact of joints on softer trails rather than a treadmill or pavement
  • Tightening your quads, gluts, and calves

For those looking for for a more moderate trail check out the 5-mile route at Flume Canyon F1 Trail. The loop kicks off at the Pollock Bench Trailhead, and you can run it clockwise or counter-clockwise. The terrain is varied, but not overly difficult, which makes for an enjoyable run. If this is your first go at trail running, be sure to discuss any potential ailments with your doctor first and, once you’ve been cleared, take it slow to avoid injuries until you become more acquainted with the terrain.

Get outside with your dog

If you love hiking with your dog, there are several dog-friendly trails in Fruita. Devil’s Canyon is one scenic option, and the Roice-Hurst Humane Society published a helpful trip report that you can use to plan your own hike.

The Fruita Dugway is another nearby hike that welcomes dogs, at least for some of the trail. After approximately 1.5 miles, you’ll reach the Colorado National Monument boundary. Dogs aren’t allowed on trails in the Monument, but the Dugway will let you and your pup experience some of the area’s iconic scenery.

Check out the Colorado Riverfront Trail System

This pleasant path connects Fruita to Palisade. The 22-mile trail begins at Heritage Park, and it’s the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, evening jog, or bike ride. Some sections are also teeming with wildlife, like blue herons and even the occasional bald eagle.

To learn more about what you can see along each section of the Riverfront Trail System, check out our guide that explains all the highlights.

Visit the McKinnis Canyons National Conservation Area

This special area deserves its own mention. With vibrant sandstone canyons, a collection of natural arches rivaled only by Arches National Park, remote wilderness, and more, there’s truly something for everyone in the McKinnis Canyons.

This guide is a great way to kick off your research, with suggestions for hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Don’t miss this guide to Rabbit Valley, either. It’s located in the conservation area, and is known for paleontology, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and off-roading.

Hop on your mountain bike

A guide to Fruita wouldn’t be complete without mentioning mountain biking, and fall is the ideal season for hitting the trails. Anyone looking for a beginner-friendly trail should head to Rustler’s Loop, a 3.6-mile single-track trail that makes it easy to practice new skills and gain some confidence. On the intermediate side, Mary’s Trail is a flowy classic connecting to other trails in Fruita.

No matter which trails or outdoor activities you choose, one thing is certain: it’s going to be a fun fall in Fruita.