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5 Meditation Apps & Resources To Help You Relax

Become More Mindful and Relaxed Even On The Go By Building A Meditation Practice

Meditation apps are a great way to focus your mind on the present and reset your brain to be more mindful, relaxed, and less stressed. Use these apps to try meditation for the first time, find new guided meditations, or deepen your meditation practice. No matter what your goals, there’s a meditation app that can likely suit your needs.

Many meditation apps offer a free 30-day trial, though there are some options that are completely free (always our favorite), but keep reading to find an app that you can use to start a daily meditation practice – even on the go.

1. Calm

Calm is one of the top meditation apps available according to our research with more than 100+ guided meditations covering things like anxiety, focus, stress, sleep, relationships, and more. It even includes programs and meditation timers for those preferring unguided meditation. For many users, if you also need help with natural sleep relaxation, try the sleep stories. The audio ranges from children’s books to Bob Ross’s soothing painting guidance, and each is designed to help you doze off peacefully.

2. Headspace

Headspace is another hugely popular meditation app, and it offers courses that are ideal for beginners requiring more structure to get into a meditation habit. Calm’s interface relies on soothing nature imagery, but Headspace uses warm colors and fun illustration designs. Many individuals that downloaded this app also found this to be a more intuitive app to use.

3. Smiling Mind

This completely free app was created and designed by Australian psychologists and educators to: “help bring balance to your life.” Offering modules to multiple age ranges -- from adults and teens to adolescents and children. Each module is catered to some of the common stressors a person might experience during these age-range periods in their life. For example, the module for 13 - 15 year olds was designed to support teenagers during their transition into high school.

4. Insight Timer

Another free option, Insight Timer features more than 12,000 guided meditations from 2,570 respected teachers in 25 languages. You can even access a library of meditation music and sounds to use while meditating or while relaxing with a good book.

The timer is another popular feature of this app, plus, you can customize the duration, interval bells, ambient sound, and ending bell.

5. YouTube

YouTube is not only a great resource of entertainment, but it also has free meditation tools available. Use the search field in YouTube for topics such as ‘guided meditation,’ or ‘guided meditation for anxiety’ and you’ll likely find a helpful (and free) resource.  

Remember, that meditation is a skill that comes with practice. Being consistent and patient with yourself is the best thing you can do for your meditation practice, no matter what app you use.