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7 Ways to Address Your Stress

Beat Your Stress With These Healthy Habits


While we can’t tell you how to get rid of all the stresses in your life, we can offer several tips to help you better manage stressors as they crop up.


1. Get outside, every day

Being outside has a calming, rejuvenating effect on our minds and you should aim to get fresh air every single day.


Thankfully, it’s easy to unwind outside in Colorado. The next time you feel stress creeping in, consider going for a lovely hike on the Western Slope.


2. Plan ahead to beat stress

Planning ahead helps you get your most important tasks done allowing you to break bigger projects down into smaller, more manageable chunks. When you sit down to make a to-do list or plan your day, it also helps you manage your life better. You might even realize that you’ve been demanding too much of yourself (and no wonder you’re stressed!).


3. Eat a healthy diet

Diet plays a massive role in how good we feel. Loading up on sugary, fatty snacks is a surefire way to warrant elevated stress levels throughout the day.


Instead, fill your plate with colorful fruits and veggies while also consuming lean proteins in appropriate serving sizes. If you’ve already decided that planning ahead helps you keep stress under control, download one of these helpful meal planning apps.


4. Try meditating to relieve stress

Getting started isn’t as difficult as you might think, either. You can start with less than five minutes per day, so there’s no excuse not to try.


To learn more about starting a meditation practice, read this helpful guide.


5. Don’t forget to focus on sleep

Sleeping more might be the last thing you want to do when you’re stressed out and facing a lengthy to-do list, but it’s also the best way to help your body and mind cope with stress and anxiety.


Sleep deprivation is a very real problem for many people, and not getting enough shut eye will only amplify your stress.


6. Spend quality time with loved ones

Sometimes all it takes is being around loved ones to melt our stress away. Whether you meet up with a friend for coffee or gather the family for dinner, it pays to prioritize people and relationships.


7. Take a deep breath

You can’t always go trail running or sneak away for a coffee date when stress hits, which means you need to find an effective way to cope in the moment. During these times, the best solution is to breathe deeply and take a moment for you.


Try inhaling deeply for three seconds followed by a three second exhale. Close your eyes if it helps and focus only on breathing in and out. This is what is known as mindful breathing. Try breathing deeply 10 times in a row to see how you feel. This should, at least, assist in dealing with your stresses of the day.