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10 Reasons to Run (That Have Nothing to Do With Losing Weight)

Stress Relief, Me Time, & More: Feel-Good Reasons for Running


Running and exercise in general can definitely help you lose weight. But, that’s not the only reason running is worthwhile. In fact, thinking about the non-weight loss related reasons for running is a great way to keep your motivation going!


1. Running feels good

Once you get past the initial red-faced huffing and puffing, going for a run actually feels pretty -incredible. Our bodies were made to move, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom unlocked during a good run.


That feeling is amplified when you run in a beautiful, natural setting. Enhance those feel-good endorphins by hitting nearby trails instead of the road. Trail running helps to clear the mind in an uplifting environment.


2. Going for a run = me time

If you struggle to find alone time in your day, going for a run is an ideal solution to help you take a moment for just you.


3. Running clears your head

If sitting still while meditating isn’t your idea of a good time, give running a try. While running, you can’t check your phone or answer emails, so it’s the perfect time to hang out with your own thoughts and emotions – something that meditation provides.


You can work through problems, process feelings, and get to know your own mind better. It’s like kinesthetic therapy, which is when you become aware of oneself including the movements of your body parts and how they work together wholly.


4. Rock out to your favorite music

Music has been known to provide amazing health benefits. From reducing stress to improving your overall mood as well as lowering blood pressure, music is an ideal way to increase your long-term health.


5. Catch up on podcasts during a run

If you prefer listening to your favorite podcasts then use your running time to catch up. Just be sure to also keep your running form top of mind to avoid injury. Learning something new might even take the edge off that “can’t catch my breath” feeling.


6. If you’re looking for community, try running

Running solo is fun, but you don’t have to hit the pavement alone. There’s probably a running group in your town waiting to welcome new members. You’ll make new friends, and it’s much easier to stay motivated when you have a crew cheering for you.


7. Running can lead to other healthy choices

Once you start running, there’s a chance you’ll continue to make healthy decisions that keep you in tip-top running shape. From increasing your stretching practices  to eating a more balanced diet, running makes it easy to keep the good decisions rolling.


8. It’s a healthy stress reliever

Running gives you an opportunity to work off stress and unwind in a healthy way. When you’ve finished your run you’ll notice you feel better and rewarding yourself with some down time on the couch lounging or relaxing will be that much more satisfying.

9. Running makes you happier

Studies have shown that exercise, including running, makes us happier because it releases feel-good endorphins in the brain.


"The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong… Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect," according to Michael Ottoa, a professor of psychology at Boston University,


10. Running makes you feel like a superhero

When you first start running you might feel sluggish, but something mgical happens when you stick to a routine.


Before you know it you’ll feel stronger than you ever have and the one mile, which used to be difficult, will now go by in a flash — making you the true superhero of your world.