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Up Your Treadmill Workout With These Moves

Treadmill workouts don’t have to be boring!

You read that correctly. There’s no reason to torture yourself with boring treadmill workouts that have you running at the same pace, on the same incline, for what feels like eternity. Whether you use the treadmill regularly, or only resort to it when it’s too cold to get outside, here’s how to effectively train on the treadmill and keep it fresh.

Try running with a gamified app


Zombies, Run! is one surefire way to make your treadmill workouts more exciting.

You’ll play your own music as you run along. In the app, you’re one of the few humans to have survived the zombie epidemic. You’re running toward one of the last remaining outposts of humanity, gathering supplies and making rescues along the way. There’s just one catch: the zombies are still after you! The app tells you when they’re gaining on you and you better speed up. You’ll hardly realize you just ran for 30 minutes.

Stop running on the treadmill - try these moves instead


The treadmill can be used for so much more than traditional running and walking. Add these moves between sets of jogging or sprinting:

  • Side shufflesStart at a fast walking pace, then grab onto the front of the treadmill with your left hand and make a clockwise turn. Immediately start shuffling, moving sideways on the treadmill and pushing off with your back leg. Once you feel stable enough you can let go. Don’t forget to switch sides!
  • Walking Plank -  Level-up your planks with this tricky move. Set the treadmill to a slow speed, like 2 mph. Get into a plank position near the back of the machine, placing your hands on the sides of the base. Carefully move your hands to the belt and walk them forward. You can also put the treadmill in “dynamic mode,” which allows you to power the belt with your own movement.
  • Walking Lunges - Set the treadmill to a slow speed and do alternating lunges on each leg. Make sure your knee doesn’t track over your toes, and increase the speed and incline as you get more comfortable with the movement.
  • Triceps dip - You don’t even need to turn the treadmill on for this exercise. Grab each handle of the treadmill and push yourself up. Dip your body down by bending at the elbows, then push back up.
These aren't the only treadmill-friendly moves you can try.  High knees, butt kicks, mountain climbers, and skipping are even more examples of ways to diversify your treadmill workout. 

Do a HIIT-based treadmill workout

If you want to do an intense workout in a time crunch, there's not better way than with high intensity interval training, aka HIIT. 

Try one of these 10 HIIT treadmill workouts from Self Magazine. Some of them even incorporate moves like side walking/shuffling and skipping for an extra dose of boredom-busting fitness fun.