5 More Great Trail Running Spots in Western CO



Where to Trail Run along the Western Slope


We’ve shared 5 of our favorite trail running spots in Western Colorado before, but that list hardly scratches the surface of the trail running opportunities out here.

If you’re looking for a new trail to test, here are 5 more great trail running spots along Colorado's Western Slope.


1. Ice Lake Basin Trail, Silverton


This popular 8.1 mile trail may not be full of solitude, but you can’t beat the alpine vistas and clear blue-green lake for inspiration. Running in the crisp mountain air can be a welcome change from the high-desert environments around Grand Junction, and running along Ice Lake Basin Trail is an experience you won’t forget.


2. Animas Mountain, Durango

RootsRated calls this one, “the trail Durango runners love to hate,” and we can’t think of a more accurate way to describe this difficult six-mile trail. You’ll be running uphill nearly constantly for approximately 2.5 miles, but the views are definitely worth it: Durango is spread out to the south, the Animas River Valley to the north, and the La Plata Mountains to the west.

Don’t be discouraged if you have to stop and catch your breath a few times, either. Taking the time to soak in the scenery isn’t a bad way to rest.


3. Oh-Be-Joyful Trail, Crested Butte


This is a relatively easy, but lengthy 13.2-mile out and back trail that packs a big visual payoff. In the summer, wildflowers are everywhere, but no matter when you run it, you’ll love the reward of reaching Blue Lake.

As naming legends go, this is a fun one: this trail got its name because of the miners who ran (joyfully) down the trail to get to the town’s brothels.


4. Ute Canyon Trail, Grand Junction


At 10.3 miles round trip, Ute Canyon Trail is fun as a hike or a trail run, and the tall walls of Ute Canyon will give you some stunning scenery to look at. Starting from Wildwood Trailhead, you’ll run up and around canyon rocks, and there’s only a small chance you’ll have to dodge fellow hikers and trail runners.

There’s even a surprising amount of plant life on the valley floor, but don’t let that fool you — you’ll want plenty of water for this run.


5. Flume Canyon F1 Trail, Fruita


This trail is a moderate five-mile loop that starts at the Pollock Bench Trailhead. You can run the loop in either direction, and the varied-yet-easy terrain means you can settle in and enjoy your pace. The signage is also excellent, making it even easier to observe the pink and white cliffs and other canyon scenery.