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The Best Reservoirs, Lakes, and Waterways for SUPing in Western Colorado


We’ve shared some of the top places to stand up paddleboard (aka SUP) throughout Colorado, and we’ve convinced you that doing yoga on a SUP board is a whole lot of fun, but now it’s time to bring our focus closer to home.


Get your board prepped, because here are 5 waterways throughout the Western Slope that we love paddling on and we think you’ll love them, too.


1. Grass Valley Reservoir, Silt


Grass Valley Reservoir is near Harvey Gap State Park, which is worth a trip on its own. Known as a great fishing spot, you’ll often run into anglers fishing nearby. When it comes to the SUPing you’ll enjoy paddling across crystal clear waters as you take in the gorgeous scenery from all around.


To park in the swimming beach lot you’ll need a day-use permit. If you’re at the lot, you can also see if there’s parking available on the BLM land that’s on the other side of Harvey Gap Road, which is great for camping in this area as well.


2. James M. Robb Colorado River State Park, Palisade


You’ve probably seen the signs for this low-key park while driving along I-70. The park has five sections, and each one has its fair share of water to explore on your SUP.


Corn Lake, Island Acres, and Connected Lakes are all great spots to get out on your paddleboard. You can even find swimming beaches, picnic areas, and all of the other amenities expected at a state park.


3. Grand Mesa Lakes, Mesa


A guide to water-based fun on the Western Slope would never be complete without mentioning the Grand Mesa Lakes.


The eight Mesa Lakes are the most popular, but with over 300 individual lakes and reservoirs, getting off the beaten path always pays off. If you want details about current conditions, the National Forest’s Visitor Center staffs fellow outdoor enthusiasts who can happily help you plan a memorable SUP adventure.


4. Sweitzer Lake State Park, Delta


This lake was made for recreation, literally. It was created to fulfill a community dream — a recreation hub on the Western Slope for all to enjoy. Motorized boats are allowed on the lake, so be aware of your surroundings and see how well you can keep your balance when there are some waves. Just don’t forget your lifejacket.


5. Trout Lake, Telluride


Located 15 miles from Telluride, Trout Lake is an excellent spot for summer fun on the water. You can enjoy the stunning mountain scenery while paddling around the lake, and there’s also an abundance of hiking opportunities in the area.


SUP spots from our first round-up


Don’t forget the following locations as these are a few popular spots on the Western Slope that we’ve shared previously. Refresh your memory here:


  • Glenwood Springs
  • Whitewater Park
  • Vallecito Lake near Durango
  • Blue Mesa Reservoir near Gunnison
  • Lake San Cristobal near Lake City


No matter which spot you try first you’re bound to have a great time paddling around some of the Western Slope’s most scenic bodies of water.