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Top 5 Health Tips for Dad This Father's Day | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog

Top 5 Health Tips for Dad This Father's Day | Rocky Mountain Health Plans Blog



Healthy Living Tips For Men

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate dads and everything they do. That includes celebrating a long, healthy life with your beloved father or father-figure.

This Father's Day, help the dad in your life be the healthiest man he can be with these essential health and wellness tips, so that you can continue to enjoy many more Father’s Day celebrations together.

1. Schedule an annual physical

Preventative healthcare is the most important and effective thing men can do to live healthier lives. The statistics regarding the issue are startling:

  • Men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year, and are 22% more likely to have neglected their cholesterol tests.
  • Men are 28% more likely than women to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure.
  • Men are 32% more likely than women to be hospitalized for long-term complications of diabetes.
  • Men are 24% more likely than women to be hospitalized for pneumonia that could have been prevented by getting an immunization

Don’t let dad get away with making excuses for putting off a doctor’s visit, either (even if the excuse is, "My significant other has been nagging me to get a checkup.")

2. Make sleep a priority

Does your dad get enough sleep? If he’s like many adults, there’s a chance he isn’t. This Father’s Day, celebrate in a crazy way: Opt for a family nap (hammocks optional yet encouraged).

3. Suggest a colonoscopy

Is your dad up-to-date on his colonoscopies? It’s not a fun topic to discuss, but it is an important one. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

Men (and women) should be screened for colon cancer starting at 50 years old, though high-risk adults should start before 50. High-risk people include anyone with a personal or family history of colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and people who experience symptoms of colon cancer (learn more about those symptoms here).

4. Stress less

Stress can lead to a heart attack (read this article from Men’s Health to learn about how it happens). According to the doctor quoted in the article, “It’s possible that stress reduction exercises might calm down the mechanism that converts stress to heart attacks and strokes.” 

Here are 7 ways to address your stress — notice that spending quality time with loved ones is a big stress-buster, so make sure to spend some quality time with dad this Father’s Day.

5. Exercise more

Another way to stress less is to exercise more. Luckily, there are tons of fun ways to get active with dad this Father’s Day, especially here in Western Colorado. You could go for a family hike, visit one of Western Colorado’s state parks, check out a nearby swimming hole, or plan a fun weekend away.