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8 Ideas for Getting Back-to-School Ready

Stress Less This Back-to-School Season


Back-to-school season can be downright stressful, but these tips, tricks, and ideas can help you prepare. Get ready for the healthiest school year your kids (and you) have had yet. From mental and physical health to organization and fitness, it’s time to greet the new school year with enthusiasm.


1. Before you do anything else, make a list

Try creating a master list of all the important back-to-school tasks that need to be completed. Supplies and clothes shopping, family chats about homework routines, gathering and filling out paperwork, and everything else involved should go on the list.


It might be overwhelming, but it helps considerably.


2. Then, organize and prioritize

With your trusty to-do list as a guide, start thinking about what it takes to complete each task. For example, school supply shopping requires getting a list from the teacher, double-checking your student’s current inventory of supplies, making a shopping list, searching for deals, and going to the store.


You may think of even more things to add during this step, and that’s okay. Once you know what it will take to get everything done, assign a priority level to each task.


This might sound like unnecessary work, but the result is a road map that guides you toward the first day of school.


3. Get your kids involved

Who doesn’t love checking things off a list (or adding a fun sticker next to complete projects)? You may find that many of your tasks can be tackled with some help from your kids, so let them participate. They’ll feel accomplished, you’ll get more done, and everyone wins.


4. Practice the morning routine

Kids hate this part of back to school season, but it shouldn’t be skipped. Practicing your morning routines 1 to 2 weeks before school starts gives everyone time to adjust to new sleeping schedules, too.


5. For anxious kids, tour the school before summer is over

If your child is starting a new school, entering a new grade, or is just downright anxious, visiting the school before the first day of a new year is a great way to help them feel better. Some schools even encourage meeting new teachers.


6. Plan lunches everyone will look forward to

Another fun project your children can help with is brainstorming new ideas and recipes for healthy school lunches. If you can pack a lunch for yourself and your kids, everyone will be eating healthier all year long.


7. Don’t go overboard on the activities

You want your child to stay healthy and active, but don’t go too crazy on the extracurricular activities. Leave time for family bonding as well.


8. Mentally prepare for all of the emotions back-to-school brings

Going back to school can be an emotional time for kids and parents alike. Take some time to talk to your children about what he or she is excited about, anything they’re scared of, and other emotionally-charged topics.


Don’t forget about yourself either. How will you deal with your own school year stresses? These tips address post-holiday stress, but are options year round. Make sure you have a few stress relieving tips in your back pocket, just in case.