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8 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Have a Healthy Summer With These Simple Tips


Summer is here and that means it’s time for barbecues and picnics, camping trips, and other sunshine-filled fun. Whether you’re traveling throughout the summer or staying at home with your family, staying on top of your health will ensure you can enjoy the season to its fullest.


Staying healthy doesn’t always require a ton of extra work, either. Here are 8 easy, simple ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle this summer.


1. Apply sunscreen every day

Nothing ruins a day (or week) more than a nasty sunburn, and burning is easier than you might think here in Colorado. The sun’s rays are intense, but a little sun protection goes a long way.


2. Eat tons of in-season fruit and veggies

Berries, apricots, tomatoes, peaches, summer squashes, lettuces… there are so many delicious types of in-season produce to fill your plate with during summer.


Eating whole foods also reduces cravings you might have for chips and other snacks making this a double-win for your health.


3. Drink plenty of water (and then drink some more)

Becoming dehydrated in Colorado happens easily and frequently, especially if you’re out tearing up the trails on your mountain bike or exploring the wilderness on a day hike. If the taste of plain water doesn’t make you excited to drink up, try one of these infused waters and sugar free drinks.


4. Host a healthier summer BBQ

Put a spin on the traditional summer barbeque by grilling up some healthier options. You and your guests won’t feel tired and bogged down after eating a surplus of heavy foods, either.


5. Get creative with your grilling

Speaking of grilling, when was the last time you tried something completely different? Grilled fruit is fantastic, and it never hurts to test out new main dish recipes (like these delicious and easy-to-make trout recipes.


6. Try a new outdoor activity

Trying new things keeps our minds and bodies sharp. Luckily, Western Colorado is the perfect spot for nearly any outdoor adventure.


If you’re an avid mountain biker, consider giving trail running a go. If you love hiking, rock climbing might be a fun new way to get outside. If you’ve never tested your balance on a stand up paddle board, there’s no better time than now.


7. Exercise safely outdoors

Exercising outside is fun and energizing, but it also comes with certain safety considerations. You need to drink even more water, pay attention to the heat index, and slather on the sunscreen.


No matter how you like to workout outside, these summer fitness tips will help you have a great workout.


8. Don’t forget R&R

Don’t neglect this important part of healthy living as you zip between activities and events as summer is an ideal time to rest and relax. Take time to chill out in a hammock, read a book, and simply recharge. Your health will thank you.